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WiFi Passport Vouchers

Free Community WiFi The MADT Community WiFi is provided free-of-charge at a number of locations throughout the Marlborough Area - see Community WiFi Availability for more details.

Immediate access to the internet can be obtained for 20 min by using the short duration "Continue" button that is shown on the access portal when using your browser to access the internet for the first time.

However as a convenience for users of the System to avoid having to repeatedly re-validate their use at the WiFi access portal, the Development Trust makes available an extended duration 12 month Passport Voucher.

These Passport Vouchers are available for a £10 fee, on an annual basis to anyone that lives, studies or works in the Area, or is visiting for an extended period.

Annual Passport Vouchers can be ordered on-line by clicking here.

The 12 month Passport Voucher provides access for two devices (e.g. a smart phone and a laptop PC) and the time period starts when the Voucher access code is first used on any one device, to which it is then 'locked'. A second device can be authorised at any time within the 12 month period and the access code is then locked to this second device as well.

Please note that the access code is not transferable and no refunds are possible once the Voucher code has been validated and used for any length of time, so if you change your 'phone or laptop you will need to purchase a new voucher.

All work on the Community WiFi system is undertaken by the Development Trust on a voluntary basis and this small income from the Passport Vouchers helps with the expenses of running the service and continuing to roll it out to more locations in the Marlborough area - so do please tell your friends and colleagues about the availability of the Vouchers so that we can continue to run and further develop the service.



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