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This Marlborough Area Community System is developed and operated by the Marlborough Area Development Trust (click About the Development Trust for more information about the Trust).

News Updates

Makerspace initiative: The start of a 'Maker Group' within the Marlborough area is being supported by MADT and aims, in due course, to  establish a 'Makerspace'. Want to know what this is all about?
Find out more by clicking here.

Smart Town: could Marlborough become a 'Smart Town'? Read more about our new initiative here

Supporting tourism: a new web site has been developed to specifically support tourism in the Marlborough Area - see www.visitmarlborough.org for more details.

Directory Services are no longer being provided on this web system

Community WiFi: now with even more coverage and content filtering to protect users, has been rolled out to the larger villages around Marlborough with extensive coverage across Avebury. Read the latest details about the Free Community WiFi and learn how you could support this initiative.

WiFi Passport Vouchers: click here for details about the annual WiFi Passport Vouchers.


MADT Community WiFi Details of the Community WiFi system and how to use it are available  here. This is a important project that supports the local economy and benefits all Marlborough Area residents, workers and visitors. We are therefore seeking the support of all local businesses and organisations to engage with the project and to understand how they can contribute.

WiFi Passport Vouchers: click here for details about the annual WiFi Passport Vouchers.


If you have ideas about how we could use this on-line resource to support the development of the Marlborough Area we would welcome your input and suggestions - so contact us now.

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